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Insight Lightings are global pioneers in lighting design and solutions based in Doha (Qatar).

Established in 2010, Insight Lightings owns a set of lighting maintenance technicians capable of servicing a wide range of both interior and exterior lighting fixtures. We deliver exceptional customer experience in lighting with customized, consistent, and quality service while continually controlling costs.

We offer a wide array of customized lighting design solutions that are cost-effective and durable. Our interior and exterior lighting services are simple, elegant, and sophisticated — themes tailored to fit any budget and keep your lights on all year round.

Our manufacturers are based out of Europe, the USA, Turkey, India- China among others . Our lighting implementation changed the way people and organizations evaluate lighting services and we let you confidently select the right products We are also recommended by the Association of Turkish Lighting Equipment Manufacturer Association (AGID).

We use the latest lighting technologies and new market approaches to provide our customers access to beautifully tailored solutions. Our services are backed by precise workmanship and luxurious design collections crafted to meet global standard needs

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About us
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How We Help?

We are one of the leading lighting design companies in Qatar and suppliers of LED lighting, QCD-approved emergency , exit lighting solutions and turnkey lighting solutions in Qatar. Our lighting designs and solutions are functional in multiple domains ranging from industrial and commercial spaces to residential projects, indoor and outdoor.

We take end-to-end responsibility for lighting design solutions based on your requirements, inclination, and aesthetics. Our proven methodologies and organizational structure address the individual customer’s requirements. Our ultimate goal is to provide exceptional and competitively innovative lighting solutions to our customers.

A highly functional team offering the best Emergency & exit light suppliers in Qatar so that every space is lit with perfection. With quality products and exemplary customer service, our works are about giving the best, making way for lighting solutions that are bound to go beyond your expectations.


Our Vision

We aim to become synonymous with trust, reliability, credibility, and quality in the lighting industry with sustainable services that thrive by incorporating green energy into our solutions.

Carving a world where our flawless lighting solutions will be your reputed and reliable source of light, and an inspirational window of green energy options in all  lighting solutions in Qatar you would ever see.  We are one of the best lighting Pole Suppliers in Qatar.


Our Mission

We strive to be the most reliable company for the supply of lighting products with our comprehensive solutions and aspire to be the go-to choice for all contractors, interior designers, and architects — by pursuing excellence, creativity, and top-notch customer service.
Being the leader of premier lighting solutions in Qatar enabling tailor made lighting solutions in the most optimised manner


Our Values

Integrity for firm believers in actions that trigger mutual trust
Innovation powered with information
Intelligence to sail through the toughest of times
Encouraging Words

I extend a huge thanks for your support. It was a great pleasure working with you and many thanks for always pulling through for us. Every time I work with Insight Lightings, you always seem to exceed my expectations. Your dedication to lighting solutions is shown through your responsiveness and reliability.

James John


Your supply of light fittings is fabulous and the Insight Lightings team went above and beyond to ensure the guidance of our technicians/ Electricians during installation. I am thankful for your efforts and look forward to the next project to do the business together!

Richard Shah