Advantages of Using Aluminum Direct Burial Poles for Solar Street Lights
January 6, 2023

Solar-powered street lights are gaining popularity conventionally as well as commercially for the purpose of lighting roadways, pathways, and parking lots also in commercial, federal, and municipal facilities. Solar street lights are mounted on poles and the differences arise with the shape, type, and material of the pole. Lighting pole suppliers in Qatar offer different material options for lighting poles that include concrete, wood, fibreglass, steel, and aluminium with advantages and disadvantages equally applying to each. Among these varieties, direct burial applications are a popular choice for industrial and commercial needs and Aluminium is the material that takes the renowned role.

Direct Burial light Poles – Overview
The direct burial pole is one of the major kinds of light pole varieties. They are the embedded poles without concrete base and the installation goes super easy by inserting the shaft into the ground. The two major parts include a hand-hole cover and a pole cap where the former makes it possible for electricians to make connections and the latter is placed if necessary on the side of the pole.

For Direct Burial Poles to get installed firmly an ideal soil condition is a must and to compensate for the pole length a longer shaft is also considered to be with it. The pole length calculation can be formulated as taking 10% of your ideal fixture mounting height and adding 2 feet.
This blog explains why aluminium direct burial poles are the better option by listing their advantages.

Installation goes fast and easy
Instant installation is possible for direct burial poles, they don’t need a strong concrete foundation, so it becomes easy on the go-to install. Using aluminium poles makes it quick and easy to install due to its lightweight nature and there won’t occur a delay in getting anchor bolts and templates to the site.

No footing, no concrete, so cost-effective. No foundation design, so savings occur there too. Aluminium being lightweight, shipping cost also is less for transportation of the poles and saving time on installation will translate to cost savings.

Resistive to corrosion
Aluminium is proven to be corrosion resistant as a protective layer is set to guard against corrosion and together with weather resistant thermoset powders add an extra layer of protection.

Perfect Aesthetic Appeal
As the concrete session is not there in the appeal, there’s no chance of uneven base covers and won’t showcase a lining up of bolts.

No issues pop up regarding the foundation
Concreting the foundation sets chances for causing problems and may also result in flaking and premature failure. Here, in the case of direct burial poles, no such errors occur.

No chance of pole failure
Contrary to the anchor-base counterparts, the direct burial poles made of aluminium, exclusively from the indoor light suppliers in Qatar, are less susceptible to failure, as there is no base plate weld and a dampener is set against vibration to support the shaft.