Architectural Lighting: What Makes Natural Light So Valuable
June 21, 2023

The role of Natural Light in Architecture is vital as it enhances the surroundings. Buildings and structures can be enhanced by natural light. Architects of all hues recognize the benefits of natural lighting and incorporate natural lighting for buildings and structures. There are many reasons why the use of natural light in building construction is increasing. The rise in environmental impact from power generation methods like nuclear reactors and dams, while depleting resources like oil and massive deforestation has mankind in a situation where we have to look for natural light sources and natural lighting solutions. Worldwide there is a huge demand for natural lighting solutions. The middle east is also not left out of this craze for natural lighting solutions. In countries like Qatar, there is a proliferation of lighting companies that cater to the growing demand. There are a number of lighting suppliers in Qatar, like Insight Lighting, which has been providing top-quality lighting for many years. The indigenous lighting solutions in Qatar offered mostly by suppliers like insight lighting are the most preferred by Qatari residents as their products are tailor-made to suit the climate and local tastes. Buying from lighting companies in Qatar provides many benefits to the locals.


1. Climate friendly : Climate friendly products are available from indoor light suppliers in qatar. As the Qatari climate varies from time to time, with less light in winter with cold and cloudy conditions while it’s the opposite during the summer with more light. The products accommodate these variations, providing optimum light at any time of the year. The products come in all variants from the basic to the premium styles.


2. Improves the quality of space. When natural light finds its way into your home with the help of proper architectural integration. Then natural light interacts with all things in the living room creating a comfortable vibe. It refreshes the room by letting in the fresh air.

3. Aesthetic appeal: Natural lights create aesthetic appeal. Natural light can create emotions which serve as a source of inspiration for visitors to return to a particular place or a particular pathway in a building. Use the right lighting solutions which can improve the aesthetic appeal of your building. 

4. Energy savings;: Using natural lighting solutions can reduce energy consumption and save money. You can save up to 20% on energy consumption with natural light. Natural light is useful to control room temperature and air conditioning. With the advancement of technology, natural light solutions in Qatar have become more effective energy savers.


  • Prevent fungi and mold: Lack of Natural light in your room can lead to the formation of fungi and mold. Different kinds of insects make such places their home. The rooms turn smelly, uncomfortable, and gloomy. Indoor light suppliers in Qatar like insight lightings provide natural light solutions in case you are troubled by growth fungi and mold at your home.


  • Boosts health: Natural light improves your immunity by helping produce Vitamin D, preventing skin diseases like rickets, reducing eye strain, and breaking down carbohydrates, fat, and proteins. It’s helpful in developing white blood cells and controlling blood pressure.

In conclusion, the value of natural light in architecture cannot be overstated. Architects worldwide recognize its numerous benefits and incorporate it into their designs to enhance buildings and structures. With the increasing environmental impact of power generation methods and depleting resources, the demand for natural lighting solutions has grown significantly. In countries like Qatar, where Insight Lighting and other suppliers cater to this demand, indigenous lighting solutions tailored to the local climate and tastes are highly preferred. These climate-friendly products not only improve the quality of space and add aesthetic appeal but also serve as energy savers, prevent fungi growth, and promote better health. Embracing natural light in architectural lighting is a sustainable and beneficial choice for all.
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